Graeme Brown AKA Hemisphere from Brisbane Australia now located in London England is an emerging producer and graphic artist. Drawing influences from a melting pot of producers from DJ Premier to Norman Whitfield provides Hemisphere the inspiration when blending his sound, which he calls "Future Funk".

Hemisphere signed for ill funk in 2010 and when not banging out tracks on his MPC, SP1200, ASR10, Akai 1000 and Technic 1210's, he is working on his art collection.

Devastating Street Music (DSM) is a UK-based producer, songwriter and beat maker.

Influenced by the spirit of the South Bronx DJ's and the Zulu groove, the tracks that attracted us to him were exactly what ill funk is about; deep hip hop and hard edged dusty beats, spirit music which could have been heard in New York, Chicago or Detroit in the early years of the dance/disco scenes.

Spreading their message through music where its' all about rhythm, movement, time and space.

Formed in London, England and absorbed in sound system culture, Phantaas-Ah-Raah were members of the original Soul Pirates Sound System formed in the 1990's. Specialists at rocking a house party they have evolved through their group structure and have followed the path of keeping beats deep and raw while focusing on strong vocals to deliver their message. Expect the sound of the underground.

This London-based producer and DJ got his start several years ago as part of the Next Plateau Crew. It's D Rock's more recent work, however, that truly grabbed our attention. His demo CD contained a steady stream of sultry, tribal, drum-laden productions with bubbly synthesized bass-lines. The music certainly bears traces of early 1990's dance culture and at its core there are stripped-down beats with rumbling layers of percussion leading the way.

If the demo is indicative of the potential that D Rock possesses then this promises to be one seductive ride, and one we're glad we're on.

7th Chamber is a London, England-based producer, song writer and beat maker who is affiliated to the Underground Music Movement. Initially from a sound system background, 7th Chamber understands movement, bass bins and the environment that such a culture creates. He digs deep for influences yet creates his own unique style which is felt through his productions. His mission is to affect change in people and their behaviour through his music.

A crate digger from an early age he nurtured his style and records simply using Technic Turntables, MPC 2000, Tascam 4 Track Porta Studio and rooms full of records, a.k.a. the "crate diggers crib."

We'd been tracking the Underground Music Movement (UMM) for a year before we made our move and signed them to Ill-Funk. Sample digging is a long-standing tradition in the world of electronic music but few artists really have the chops to reconfigure sounds quite like these guys who hail from West London. Lead by G Funk, a devoted producer, collector and label executive to the music industry since the 1990's.

The U.M.M. are on a mission to keep the essence of hip-hop moving in the right direction, No politics, no branding and no concept just keep it true to the street and keep the spirit of the music flowing.

Not just another producer - T.I.M.E is an accomplished beat head. His alter ego is King Gzz.

T.I.M.E's inspired by the early 90's hip hop scene and references the DITC crew, Large Pro and Pete Rock as major influences. Through the late 80's and 90's he was on a mission to capture and obtain as much knowledge and insight as he could about hip hop culture and began collecting dusty vinyl looking for those obscure breaks he heard in the tracks of the time. As his beat collection grew it was only a matter of time before he began producing his own music. Starting with pause mix tapes he moved onto fully fledged 24 track mixing.

T.I.M.E is currently working on his eponymous release so expect plenty of broken, hip-hop flavored beats, washed-out synths, emotive vocal snippets and an unshakeable desire to nod your head while listening.